Merry Beth Ryan is a freelance photographer and outdoor writer specializing in wildlife and the  great outdoors. Her work can be seen in Florida Sport Fishing magazine, The Nautical Mile  publication, Sportfishing magazine, Boating Life magazine , Marine Times, Wheelin Sportsman  magazine, Charlotte Women and the Gasparilla Magazine.

Few people are able to spend most of their time pursuing their passion in life. Merry Beth is one of  them. She was blessed to have her love affair with photography ever since she shot her first photo.

At an early age Merry Beth showed interest in wildlife and her love of the outdoors . Growing up in  upstate New York Merry was able to see the beauty of the seasons. There the seeds of her  passion were sewn.

When she moved to Florida in 1988 full time she quickly fell in love with all that the sunshine state  had to offer . The breath taking water and sandy beaches and sunsets as well as all the wildlife and 
the great fishing Florida the dolphins, manatee’s  and birds caught her eye almost immediately.

And as they say the rest is history. Merry Beth has the outdoors in her veins. There is no place she  would rather be than in the outdoors capturing photographs of Mother Natures beautiful array of  natural beauty she is surrounded with.

Fishing is another passion Merry Beth enjoys. You can see her love of fishing through her extensive  collection of fish photos she has shot throughout the years.  

Merry Beth’s quest for capturing natures elusive and sometime unrecognized beauty has driven her  to seek even more challenging photo opportunities. Her photos will share with you the story of the  great outdoors with magical moments where almost anything can happen right before her eyes.

Her love of photography is portrayed in all her work.