Beautiful Lake Lanier Sunset 

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Atlanta Boat Show Photo Shoot 
The huge Atlanta Boat show starts today at the Georgia World Congress Center I have been hired to do a photo shoot of the entire show itself so that will keep me busy most of the next 72 hours inbetween my normal everyday daily to do list. Boat shows are a great place to network! I have stumbled into several photo gigs here in the Atlanta area just by simply networking and communicating back and forth with others in the Photography world.

It is supposed to be 70 degree's this weekend here so I am looking forward to a great weekend. And maybe just maybe I can get over having this lingering cough I have been fighting with since Christmas time.

I am going to try to fit a hiking trip in this weekend with my Nephews near Lake Lanier I will be sure to snap lots of great photos of our trip and post a few here on my site.

Stay tuned for new photos that I will be posting soon. Have a great weekend and enjoy the great outdoors.

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Happy New Year!!!!! 
2012 is behind us now.... Today is the first blank page of a 365 page book. Write a good one.. I know I will be ..Happy New Year to all my family and friends.. Looking forward to making great new memories in 2013!!!

I was down and out with a bad flu bug since my Birthday but in recovery mode now and feeling chipper again just in time to start the new year off with a bang !

I have some wedding photo shoots already in the books for 2013 and looking forward to staying busy doing some traveling and enoying new adventures this year. Just the last few days I have received more than enough sad news of yet another person I knew who passed away far too young in life. I always have and always will live life daily as if it could be my last day here on earth.

This Summer will be my 30th Year Class Reunion in upstate NY I am looking forward to attending it and seeing old friends and classmates after all these years ....


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Boca Grande Beach Wedding Photo Shoot Was A Success...... 
I just returned back to Atlanta after being back in Florida for two photo shoots I had locked in for December 20th. Zack and Samantha had their Boca Grande Beach wedding on the 20th and what a beautiful day it was and what a beautiful wedding for two young people very much in love. Although it was a tad on the windy side the sun was shining brightly down on Zack and Samantha as they shared their wedding vows with each other. Such a joy to see two young people so in love.

I also had a Birthday photo shoot the morning of the 20th. After I got my photo obligations completed I was off to take care of some personal errands I needed to take care of. I was able to see my friends and got to share an early Birthday dinner compliments of John and Kimmer who treated me in Venice at a favorite place of ours called Scamotz. Then it was off to have my early Birthday creme brule at Cafe Venice. As usual everything was fantastic.

I then pointed my vehicle back to the North towards Atlanta. I had my Nephew Todd ride back with me as Co-Pilot. We arrived back around 2am and stayed up talking with family till 5am. Seeing all my Nephews playing and laughing together is what Christmas is all about. We will all be together this year in Atlanta sharing many laughs and making new memories together. It is dropping down into the low 20's tonight. I am hoping we get some snow for Christmas here it makes Christmas complete once the snow starts falling. If we don't receive snow the cold temperatures will help everyone get into the Christmas spirit..

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Tips On What To Wear To Photo Shoots 

I think style is part of your personality, it is a piece of what makes us each individuals and unique.

For family photos/larger groups, pick a three or four color combination and run with it. Make sure you do different variations of the color combination. We never suggest everyone to wear all the same colors. People get lost in the photos because they all look the same, and everyone is an individual! If your color combination is grey, yellow, and navy, then have person A wear a yellow shirt with a navy scarf, person B wear a white shirt with a grey cardigan sweater and person C wear a navy and white plaid shirt. Don’t be afraid to mix patterns in with solids


If the shoot is going to be in a park setting and there is a lot of green, choose colors that will go nicely with green, to help make your photos come alive! This often gets overlooked but in order to have a sucessful photo shot everyone needs to be on the same page when it comes to choosing colors that go with the surroundings of the photo shoot itself.


Ladies don’t be afraid to accessorize, the more interesting looking you are, the more interesting looking your photos will be. The camera loves the added touch a fun scarf can bring to a photograph. Guys, don’t be afraid to accessorize as well. A cool hat can help make a photo much more interesting. You would be surprised how much one simple accessory in a photo can change the entire look of the photo.


Be comfortable in what you are wearing, if you are comfortable, then you are confident and that will show in your photos. If you are not comfortable with what you are wearing that too will show up in the photos.


Don’t be afraid to be a little risky! A lot of times we become too comfortable and forget to try to stand out in the crowd. However, every time you take that risk, people seem to notice you and throw compliments your way. Let me be the first to tell you, the camera loves a little risk in style! I’m not saying you need to go overboard with change in style, but just don’t settle because it’s easier. Make sure you like the way you look in whatever it is you choose to wear.

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