Birds in the surf 

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Looking Forward To A Busy Summer  
I am looking forward to staying busy this Summer with many wedding shoots already in the books. I will even be going to New Orleans for a wedding in April. I just finished a wedding shoot on Sanibel Island. It was a beautiful beach wedding and while I was down there was able to spend some time with a very good friend of mine so it was a win win for me . I just booked a wedding in early June in Punta Gorda Florida as well.

I will be doing some traveling to Atlanta and to my hometown in upstate New York this summer as well. Syracuse basketball camp in June for my Nephew Gabe to help him continue to get better and better in a sport he loves and plays quite well I might add. Very proud Aunt of the athlete he has become. I will be visiting old friends and family while I am up there too.

My Niece Lauren graduates from High School this summer where has the time gone?? She will be attending Alabama I am very proud of her and the beautiful young lady she has become.

I will try to add Blog entries more often I just seem to get so caught up in everyday life events I tend to forget to visit my website. I will put the brakes on and slow down some one of these days.

If your planning a wedding or any other special events and need a photographer please give me a call 941-544-5023 I would be more than happy to be your photographer. Beach weddings.. Church weddings... renewing reunions.. baby photos ..real estate photos.... I can be there to capture all your special once in a lifetime moments..

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2013 is behind us all. I am looking forward to see what 2014 has in store for me. I have already booked 3 beach weddings and one of those bookings will take me to New Orleans area can't wait to see all the sights that area has to offer. One beach wedding will be on Sanibel Island the other one is on Ft. Myers Beach and the 3rd booking is Boca Grande .

I have recently started writing for a new publication that keeps me rather busy with at least 20 articles due a month and I am hoping that figure reaches 30 soon. It has been fun and educational at the same time.

The Little River Band said it best " Time for a cool change " .. Life is short surround yourself with positive happy people and enjoy this ride called LIFE........

If you have an upcoming wedding or any other special event in 2014 call me 941-544-5023 for your photography needs. I look forward to working with you.

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My quote of the day . 
”Photography for me is not looking, it’s feeling. If you can’t feel what you’re looking at, then you’re never going to get others to feel anything when they look at your pictures.”

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Back to work after much needed vacation ...... 
Just returned to the " Peach State " after a much needed vacation get away in sunny Florida.... Had all my Nephews down there with me and two out of three Nieces so Aunt Merry Beth was having lots of fun and they kept me quite busy to say the least I was able to spend time with my friends and family so had the best of both worlds.... Did some fishing and some boating life is good. I have two weddings to shoot in Florida in September as well as one in December so looking forward to those photo gigs.. Will be busy the rest of this month traveling to upstate N Y taking my Nephew Gabe to Syracuse University basketball camp and meeting up with lifelong friends in the Adirondack mountains. Then right back up to N Y for my 30th yes I said 30th High school class reunion in July as well as my College reunion in New Jersey.....Looking forward to being on Lake Ontario some during my stay up there and reuniting with old friends and classmates.... Might even get some cooler weather up there .. Stay tuned for lots of photos I will be adding to my website from my travels soon.

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