Angel and Katherine Renewal Of Vows Photo Shoot Naples Florida 
Angel and Katherine were married at the Court House so their friends and family were not able to celebrate their marriage with them in person. So they decided to have a renewal of vows ceremony in Naples Florida so their family and friends could share their marriage with them. A good time was had by all. Their love for each other shows in the photos I captured. You can see their love for one another clearly in each and every photo.

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Suzy and Eric's Wedding May 2014 
I had a wonderful time being a part of this wedding. Their love for one another was very obvious and each of them glowed with emotions this keyboard would not be able to describe unless you were there in person to witness their love for one another. I was even able to spend 6 hours of so in New Orleans and the French Quarter before heading back to Atlanta after the wedding ceremonies were over with. I met up with an old friend Skip who has found his home there for sure. His art work is thriving in New Orleans. I am happy for you Skip. Congrats Suzy and Eric wishing you many happy years together as you go through the journey of life.

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Sara and Mike's Engagement Photo Shoot Old Historic Downtown Norcross Ga.  
I had the pleasure of shooting Sara and Mike's engagement photos last Saturday in Norcross Ga. They are a wonderful couple and I am looking forward to shooting their wedding in September at the Atlanta Botanical Gardens. What a gorgeous wedding destination that is. I love my job and love being able to capture these special memories for my clients and friends and family.

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My Upcoming Travels 
Hello everyone just a quick update on my travel schedule. I will be traveling to New Orleans to shoot a friends wedding May 17th. I am looking forward to also being able to play tourist and take advantage of the many photo opportunities that unique destination offers us photographers. After my New Orleans trip it is back to Atlanta to attend my Niece Lauren's High School Graduation on May 24th.
It will be a bittersweet event.I am one proud Aunt but still trying to figure out where all the time went and how she is already old enough to be taking off for College later this year. Wow time sure does fly by. I have a couple photo gigs in between in Atlanta. I have an engagement photo session on May 25th looking forward to that shoot I will also be shooting this clients September 2014 wedding in Atlanta's beautiful Botanical Gardens.
I am looking forward to my travels and meeting new clients along the way. Photography is a love affair with life ! I have a HUGE passion for photography and I strive for that to show in each and every one of the photos I take.

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Sarasota Wedding Shoot April 2014 
This was a great wedding. There was enough love in the room for the entire planet. It was a small wedding but not small in the amount of joy and love that filled the room. I enjoy being able to capture such special memories.

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