Busy Month Of September 
Just an update on my travel this month. This Saturday I have a wedding in West Palm Beach Florida. Later this month I will be traveling to Atlanta to shoot a wedding in the beautiful Atlanta Botanical Gardens. I also have a wedding celebration party to shoot late September in Atlanta as well. Then it will be time to travel to shoot beautiful photos of the Fall colors and cooler weather and will also be enjoying some Syracuse football when they play Clemson in S.C. in October. I will also be traveling to some FGCU college woman's soccer games in S.C. and Ga. in October. Life is good . I am very thankful to be busy with work. My passion for photography continues to grow and with each and every event and special celebration I shoot more and more memories are made and captured .

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Upcoming Photo Gigs 
I just wanted to update everyone on my upcoming schedule. I have a beach wedding this Friday on Bonita Beach at sunset with a reception to follow The Bride and Groom are from Kansas. August I have two weddings in the books one on Siesta Key Beach and another one in West Palm. I also will be celebrating both my Nieces Birthdays in August one on the 4th and one on the 19th so my camera's will be working overtime. September have a big wedding at the Atlanta Botanical Gardens that one I know will be beautiful it is a gorgeous destination. October I have an engagement shoot in the books and will also be doing that couples wedding next year in West Va. Hoping to get up to N Y sometime late August or early September and maybe back again for the Fall colors and apple picking. I am staying busy and thankful for the work.

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Angel and Katherine Renewal Of Vows Photo Shoot Naples Florida 
Angel and Katherine were married at the Court House so their friends and family were not able to celebrate their marriage with them in person. So they decided to have a renewal of vows ceremony in Naples Florida so their family and friends could share their marriage with them. A good time was had by all. Their love for each other shows in the photos I captured. You can see their love for one another clearly in each and every photo.

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Suzy and Eric's Wedding May 2014 
I had a wonderful time being a part of this wedding. Their love for one another was very obvious and each of them glowed with emotions this keyboard would not be able to describe unless you were there in person to witness their love for one another. I was even able to spend 6 hours of so in New Orleans and the French Quarter before heading back to Atlanta after the wedding ceremonies were over with. I met up with an old friend Skip who has found his home there for sure. His art work is thriving in New Orleans. I am happy for you Skip. Congrats Suzy and Eric wishing you many happy years together as you go through the journey of life.

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Sara and Mike's Engagement Photo Shoot Old Historic Downtown Norcross Ga.  
I had the pleasure of shooting Sara and Mike's engagement photos last Saturday in Norcross Ga. They are a wonderful couple and I am looking forward to shooting their wedding in September at the Atlanta Botanical Gardens. What a gorgeous wedding destination that is. I love my job and love being able to capture these special memories for my clients and friends and family.

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