Saturday, November 18, 2017, 01:22 AM

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Wedding Season In Full Effect  
I finally am able to sit down tonight and take a few moments to write an updated entry here on my website blog page. To say I have been a busy gal would be an understatement. I just recently shot a beautiful wedding in Columbus Ohio. Just before I left to fly out to Ohio I shot a beach weddings at Naples Grande Resort which was another beautiful wedding.

I love what I do ! I love capturing special memories of a lifetime for my clients. My phone is ringing often and I have a busy Summer schedule ahead of me.

Saturday I have a wedding in Kentucky. Then back home to the Sunshine State a few days then sneaking away to my hometown in upstate N Y for a quick visit. Then right back to Florida for a May 5th beach wedding also have a May 12th beach wedding .

I love that I am able to travel shooting weddings in many other states other than my own meeting new friends along the way and able to see family as well.

I will try to do better about making more updated posts on here in the future. But if I am not able to you all know where and what I am doing . I am living the dream doing something I am very passionate about . I love being able share my passion and my work with my clients and friends.

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Busy Shooting Weddings This Summer 
I am staying busy this Summer shooting weddings. Mostly beach weddings which I love to shoot they are beautiful. I have 4 weddings this month and 4 in the books for August and I am looking forward to capturing special memories of a lifetime for each and everyone of them .

I also have a family reunion shoot this month as well as a family beach shoot. Already booking weddings for 2017 so if you have an upcoming wedding please contact me early to get your dates locked in.

Hope everyone is enjoying their Summer and spending quality time with friends and family and traveling creating special memories. I hope to do some traveling later this Summer myself.

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Some of my recent work  

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